Trevor and Chelsey Cain

Trevor & Chelsey

Citizen Woodshop marries woodworking and design. We create wood wall art, lighting and accessories from northeast Ohio. Find the statement piece to fill that empty space on your wall from us — or give someone a gift they’ll pass on to the next generation. We love working with wood as our medium. It’s timeless and will always last.


We’ve been creating artwork together for the past two years (separately for many more than that). We love working with art buyers and interior designers and have been proud to make great pieces for high-end hotels and businesses. We also sell wholesale to retailers nationwide as well as online here and on Amazon.


It starts with raw wood — either from reclaimed sources like old barns or from locally-sourced hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut and elm. We mill down, plane, cut, build, and put the pieces together. Then we engrave the designs we’ve created onto the pieces. The designs are typically hand-drawn then digitized. Then we sand each piece and finish it with polymerized linseed oil, which is non-toxic and environmentally safe. All of the finishing touches and packaging happens too in our small shop.
Trevor Cain is a woodworker in Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised in Colorado, he now proudly calls Ohio home. He graduated from Cleveland State with a degree in History which inspired a passion for artistry in historical architecture. After renovating an old home in Lakewood, a love for woodworking began. He creates work ranging from furniture design to wall art and is inspired by art deco and arts and crafts design.


His wife, Chelsey Cain is a graphic designer. Over the last 15 years, she’s worked for multiple agencies and taught design courses at an art college. In more recent years, she’s done work under her small business Cypress Collective. Cain has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients — helping them transform their visual identities and bring their brand to the next level.


They live the country lifestyle with their two young children in Ohio.