Custom Artwork

One of our favorite parts of our business is working with art buyers and interior designers to create one-of-kind pieces that fit perfectly in specific spaces. We specialize in making custom designs and drawings that have meaning in their setting. Below are a few examples of work we’ve done recently to give you an idea of what we can do and to get your wheels turning. These are not our limits, have us come up with something new for you!

Hilton Cleveland
Gettysburg Address

“City Beautiful”

54″ x 80″

Engraved Beech wood (repurposed from an 1800s barn)

“Gettysburg Address”

120″ x 30″

Engraved Pine

Mountain High

“Mountain High”

94″ x 24″

Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Elm


76″ x 31″

Engraved Sassafras, Walnut and Elm

Creativity Takes Courage


67″ x 34.5″

Engraved Cherry wood

“Creativity Takes Courage”

76″ x 42″

Cutout Pine