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Custom Artwork for


This work (titled “City Beautiful”) was inspired by the brilliant architect and urban designer, Daniel H. Burnham. He was a part of the Cleveland Group Plan of 1903 which embodied the City Beautiful Movement. This piece is hung near the entrance to the hotel’s restaurant “The Burnham.”


Custom Displays for


Live-edge rounds put together making art out of nature. We even cut down the tree it’s made with. The rounds are all housed in a 3′ x 8′ steel frame with a matte charcoal finish.


Custom Artwork


Inspired by the wonderful words of Abraham Lincoln in 1863, we created art that is comprised of 39 panels and arranged to cover 10′ wide. The engraved words are in Lincoln’s handwriting from his original document, and they are on reclaimed pine barn wood from around that time period and hung using vintage nails also from the 1800s.


Custom Artwork


This 5-panel piece is made of maple, walnut, cherry and elm. We built wood canvases and cutout three different mountains from around that world that are sentimental to the art owner. (And yes, we made the head board as well.)


Custom Artwork for


This 12-panel piece was inspired by the Cherokee Park by Olmsted, which is nearby the hotel. One of the most notable elements of the park is the stone bridges. This is an engraved abstract of one of these iconic bridges.


Custom Artwork for

PwC (Irvine, CA)

We recently made this “Partner Wall” for PwC. There are seven different stains applied to 4″ blocks at three different depths. We magnetized each block and then affixed them to matte black steel panels which are hung in their conference room.

*Professional photos to come soon


Custom Artwork


Inspired by sacred geometry and patterns in nature, we created this piece to bring some of that nature indoors. It is made of walnut, elm, maple and cherry and finished with a natural polymerized linseed oil.


Custom Artwork


This 30-panel piece is an abstract of an aloe plant. The work is engraved on red elm wood and finished with a natural polymerized linseed oil.