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Feature Wall Installation for


New York City, NY

We worked with a great team at Vocon NYC to create this wall in their lobby welcoming everyone into their office. It’s comprised of over 2,000 wood oak rounds. We milled, drill pressed, sanded, engraved and magnetized each round. Then we hung them all in a specific pattern that we had etched onto black matte steel panels.


Feature Wall for


Denver, CO

We got to bring nature indoors for this holistic brand in Denver, CO. Working with their brand identity, we walked the line of environmental graphic design and the beauty of art and nature. All of the dark parts were engraved (not painted), so they’ll stand the test of time. The piece was finished with an all natural polymerized linseed oil.


Feature Wall Panels for


New York City, NY

Every company has a unique story. We were a part of communicating PwC’s story by engraving different milestones onto oak… with plenty of room to add more important moments in the future history.


Feature Wall Installation for


Cleveland, OH

For a client who intentionally uses all non-toxic materials, we used the Shou Sugi ban method to deliver the modern results they desired. Straight lines, minimalism and nature make this wall the focal point of their space.